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Decades of harness making expertise and years of competition experience are behind Zilco's intelligent harness systems. Horse comfort, ease of use and easy integration between singles, pairs, tandems and teams are incorporated in all types of harness. Zilco is the choice of professional competitors and leisure drivers worldwide.

Tara Wilkinson (photo courtesy of Jurgen Schwarzl)

Tara Wilkinson winning the World Championship in Minden, Germany 2017 (Photo courtesy of Jürgen Schwarzl)

Zilco Driving Brochure - Vol 6Zilco's 6th edition Carriage Driving Brochure is available to view online. This publication comprises 77 pages full of informative and educational information on harness, harness parts, sizes and driving accessories. It is the most comprehensive publication yet, and includes descriptions of every item and its purpose.

Zilco offer a wide range of driving harness, to suit a variety of sizes, budgets and purposes. We also offer a comprehensive range of driving accessories, many of which are available in a variety of colours.

Boyd Exell - World Champion and Harness Expert

World cup team

Boyd has a number of teams in training at any one time, and prefers Zilco harness because of it's lightness, ease of cleaning and versatility. His hardworking assistants spend hours a day simply harnessing and unharnessing, so they appreciate a harness that makes the job easy. Pictured above, the World Cup team on exercise in preparation for the World Cup winter series. They have already clocked up some impressive wins over the past few seasons. The harness used is a Classic, with clincher browbands and ground vision blinkers.